How To Choose a Battery Charger

Choosing the right type of Charger

Choosing the right battery for the job is only half the story. Now you need to choose the right device to properly charge, maintain and recondition them, once they start showing signs of aging.

Buying a low cost charger with limited charging capabilities will shorten the life of the batteries rather than prolong them. All the chargers we supply are professional level equipment guaranteed to extend battery life.

Avoid battery chargers that do not have an "end of charge control" too much output current can ruin a battery in just a few hours.
Never leave an unregulated or so called "automatic" charger connected to your battery overnight, unless it shuts off completely.
Avoid the use of "trickle rate" chargers that do not have an automatic float mode or current control circuitry that is guaranteed not to overcharge your battery.
Keep the battery in a well ventilated environment which does not rise much above 25 deg C. Each 5 deg C above 35 deg C reduces the life by roughly one year.
Avoid charging any battery in a time period of less than 24 hours, unless you really need to place the battery back in service in a short time.
If a battery is charged slower it lasts longer.
Pulse type chargers with end of charge controls minimize the heat build-up during charging, while decreasing the time needed to fully charge battery.
Minimizing plate sulphating build-up by keeping your battery at full charge at all times, can extend its life by as much as 300%.
Using de-sulphating equipped conditioner-chargers early in the life of your battery will guarantee maximum performance, as well as longer life.

Choosing the right type/size battery

Whether you have good or bad service from your battery will first and most importantly depend on choosing the right battery for the right job. A business specializing in batteries is your best bet. Remember that it's not what you pay for the battery, but how long it will give you good performance that determines the real cost of the battery. Think long term when buying a battery. Each battery has its strengths and weaknesses. No battery is the perfect solution to any application.

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