How Equipment Works in Your RV


12 volt battery stores energy, microwave needs 3+ .
Inverter with Charger & Transfer Switch is automatic.
Battery Cables must be heavy duty to resist power loss.
Remote Panel control & monitor of inverter from inside the RV.
AC Breaker Panel connection to inverter for RV circuits.
RV Generator powers the charger for rapid recharge.
Catastrophe Fuse protects battery and 12 volt circuits.


Solar Panels in sunlight make electricity for batteries.
Brackets secure panels to roof. Tilting in winter helps.
Wiring Harness special wire goes down fridge vent.
Regulator/Meter on kitchen wall, easy to see power flow.
12 Volt Batteries last longer with solar and run appliances.

Inverter/chargers take over the function of the RV converter. They are designed to be wired into the AC breaker panel. The manufacturer's instructions cover many possible hookup patterns. Your RV installer can locate the unit in a dry compartment near the coach batteries. Some battery banks may need to be increased to three or more batteries so that the microwave oven works to capacity.

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