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Australia has an estimated 1031.1 MW of installed photovoltaic (PV) power (August 2011), contributing an estimated 2.3% of total electricity production (as of August 2011). Growth in the amount of installed PV capacity in Australia has been dramatic with a 10-fold increase between 2009 and 2011. Feed-in tariffs and mandatory renewable energy targets designed to assist renewable energy commercialisation in Australia have largely been responsible for the rapid increase.

20W SX20U BP Solar Panel 

Model: SX320J (SX20U)
Max Peak Power (MPP): 20 Watts
Voltage @ MPP: 16.8 V
Current @ MPP: 1.19 A
Open Circuit Voltage: 21.0 V
Short Circuit Current: 1.29 A
Dimensions: 424 x 502 x 50mm
Weight: 3.0 kg
Warranty: 12 Year Limited Output

The BP Solar (Solarex) SX320J, previously known as the SX20U, is a 12V 20W solar panel that uses standard polycrystalline solar cells to provide cost-effective photovoltaic power for DC loads with many energy requirements. With 36 polycrystalline solar cells in series, they charge batteries efficiently in virtually any climate.

Typical commercial applications of these modules include remote telemetry, instrumentation systems, security sensors, and land-based navigation aids. They are also well-suited to providing subsistence power to homes in remote areas.

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