Multi Contact Cables MC4 Australia (Solar Enertech)

Most solar panel manufacturers are moving towards usage of sealed junction boxes with a weatherproof cable connector system. The Multi Contact design replaces the common open access screw terminal junction boxes that can sometimes experience problems with corrosion. To connect a single panel or single string of panels fitted with Multi Contact cables to a solar regulator, a male to female Multi Contact extension cable can be used. The single core cable is cut in half giving two cables - one with a male plug and a bared wire end and one with a female plug and a bared wired end. The plugs mate up with the connectors at the back of the panel and the bared wire ends can be inserted into the screw clamp terminals in the solar regulator. Available in lengths of 2m, 5m, 8m and 12m (after cutting the effective length will be halved).
2 Meter Cable: $20.00
5 Meter Cable: $25.00
8 Meter Cable: $29.00
12 Meter Cable: $37.00

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