Residential Wiring: Basics and Safety

Residential Wiring: Basics and Safety
Homeowners who are attempting a electrical wiring project or electrical repair on their own need to be familiar with and follow the safety rules of working with electricity. Here a some basics about electrical wires and procedures.
Black and red wires are typically “hot” meaning they have electrical current. They carry the electricity from the circuit breaker to the appliance or electrical fixture.
White wires are electrical return wires. The electricity will flow through the appliance or fixture back to the circuit breaker.
Electrical current should not be running through the ground wire unless there is a short circuit and if this is the case then the breaker will flip killing the electrical current immediately. The ground wire is typically bare and attaches to the appliance frames.
The only place where white and ground wires connect is at the bus bar on the circuit panel.
Becoming familiar with the wiring basics and educating yourself about the inner workings of your electrical system will help you stay safe and prevent miswiring and other electrical related mistakes. Before you attempt circuit breaker replacement you need to know what each wire does and make sure you have them connected properly.
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