Tools for Circuit Breaker Replacement and Installation

Tools for Circuit Breaker Replacement and Installation
Adding circuit breakers and installing or replacing electrical circuit breakers can be done correctly by using the proper tools. Insulated tools are must when working with electrical equipment and wires. Here are some tools that you will need when replacing circuit breakers or installing new circuit breakers in your circuit breaker panel.
A new circuit breaker is a must. Make sure that you have the proper brand and size in order fit properly and work right.
• Plywood or a rubber mat should be used to stand on when working with electrical equipment.
• Safety goggles are important for eye protection.
• An insulated flashlight can be used for extra light.
• Other insulated tools like a screwdriver, a hammer and insulated wire strippers to strip off the insulation around the cable connectors.
• Cable connectors are needed to connect your circuit breaker to the main panel.
• A voltage tester will help you determine whether or not the new circuit breaker is functioning properly and help you to make sure there are no live wires before starting the project.
With the right tools and electrical knowledge a homeowner can successfully install a new circuit breaker or replace a broken breaker in the breaker box. If you need to purchase additional circuit breakers or other electrical parts then you can visit for a wide selection of products.

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